Poultry Layer Performance Monitoring System

Layer Farm Manager is a poultry management software to monitor commercial egg production performance. Layer Farm Manager provides a comprehensive analysist egg production performance against breeding standard and among the other farms.


About Layer Farm Manager

Software for commercial egg production

Poultry Layer Management System

With Layer Farm Manager you can manage your farm and monitor performance of the farm. You can easily and quickly get a necessary data.

It Make You Focus

Layer Farm Manager will help you to analyze performance and productivity of your farm and your egg production.


Grow your poultry farm with Layer Farm Manager

Record Daily Activity

Record your chicken's daily activities such as transfers, body weight, environment, and add photos.

Better Analysis

Your data will be calculated and presented according to common key performance indicator.

More Productivity

Daily activity performed by operator will be easily monitored. Any urgent matter can be responded quickly.

Download Apps

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  • Performance Dashboard
  • Daily Recording
  • Adaptable to Multi Devices
  • Hen-day Analysis
  • Average Weight Analysis
  • Body Weight Analysis
  • Mortality Analysis
  • Feed Consumption Analysis
  • FCR Analysis
  • Monitor Expense per House
  • Monitor Birds Transfer
  • Egg Category
  • Daily Expense
  • Daily Selling Price
  • Multi User
  • And many more...